The Organization (OPEI) is an educational NGO in the Region of Paphos, which pays particular attention on the issues of education, culture and youth. It assists local communities to overcome social and economic disparities of disadvantaged social groups. Our professionals include psychologists, social workers, teachers and other associates that help us achieve our main objectives. They offer volunteering and training services in soft skills and support the welfare services of the rural communities. Through our volunteering activities, we help people to develop skills and capacities while they develop the feeling of belongingness. The organization also has experience in hosting students from EU countries and operates a hosting facility where students can come and have a comfortable and safe environment during their stay. We host more than 300 people every year in Paphos in diferent EU projects.

The organization has participated in several EU and national projects, such as the CoE “All Different All Equal” campaign, Youth exchanges, Grundtvig and Leonardo Mobility lifelong learning projects and strategic partnerships. OPEI is a member of the Cyprus national network of Anna Lindh Foundation for the dialogue among cultures and cooperates with national research centers and academic institutions. We have strong media contacts and we work closely with, from where we can disseminate project results and information campaigns. The exchange of experiences, the identification of the best methods and practices in this project would play a pivotal role in solving the core issues, where cooperation among European partners becomes invaluable.

Our organization is serving as a connection of local communities in the rural areas with the rest of the Cypriot and European society. We support local youth to participate in youth exchanges and other EU opportunities. We provide training opportunities and seminars for young people, helping them in their personal and professional development. We also cooperate with other NGOs, the local Chamber of commerce, the official Organization of Paphos European Capital of Culture 2017 and other local stakeholders. We have organized Leonardo Mobilities and KA1 Erasmus in Cyprus and we have the capacity to host a large number of students/teachers in our hosting facilities. We have solid contacts with all regional stakeholders and local communities including access to mass media; giving us the potential to contact research and communicate with people all around Cyprus. Healthy lifestyle was always an issue at the presentations of our seminars in local communities and through our contact with youngsters.

The organization has experience in national and international projects and maintains contact with local partners in all major cities of Cyprus and also with European partners. It has participated in several European projects both as coordinator and as a partner. It has also supported mobility training of European students in Cypriot companies. Our organization also organizes seminars in the rural areas and promotes learning in disadvantaged areas in different fields of European Interest.