Directia Asistenta Sociala Arad – Romania


Social Care Directorate is a public service of local interest with legal personality that was established under the authority of the Local Council of Arad Municipality. The object of activity of the Social Care Directorate is the accomplishment of measures, programs, professional activities, professional services for the protection of groups and community facing special problems, in need and who have no proper means or possibilities to get a normal and decent way of living.
The purpose of the Social Care Directorate is to ensure the application of social policies in the field of child, family, elderly, people with disabilities, as well as other persons, groups or communities in social need. As a vision, the Social Care Directorate Arad aims to become a standard of quality at the level of public social assistance services by obtaining and maintaining an elite system in providing services to beneficiaries.

Social Care Directorate has the following services in its structure: Projects, Social Strategies and Logistics Service, Guardianship Authority Service, Child and Family Protection Service: Services for children and Services for youth, Service for Adult People Protection, Social Service, Protection for Disabled People Service Residential Care Center for Elderly.