Throughout the life of the project, a number of activities have taken place to ensure a high standard of project coordination and implementation. In addition to management meetings, a series of joint staff training events set the stage for improving the key competencies and skills of the participants.
Throughout the project development and implementation period, each partner took advantage of a number of opportunities to disseminate the project by presenting it at events such as workshops in all participating countries.
Through such presentations but also through the dissemination of the project by each team member in private networking events, information related to the project but also to the Strategic Partnerships and the Erasmus+ programme was disseminated to a large audience both quantitatively and qualitatively.
Within the project, a series of multiplication and dissemination events of the implemented activities and the intellectual products developed within the project were organised in all partner countries – Romania, Italy, Cyprus.
The main objectives of the multiplication events were both the general presentation of the project and the dissemination of the intellectual results together with the promotion and enhancement of opportunities for knowledge transfer, skills development, collaborative learning and increased interest in the training programme.

The main activities were:
– four transnational project meetings in Romania , Italy and Cyprus
– three joint Learning, Teaching and Training activities in Romania, Italy and Cyprus
– three dissemination conferences in Romania, Italy and Cyprus
Together with other smaller-scale activities carried out during the project implementation period, these activities have created the premises for:
– transfer of knowledge, know-how and multidisciplinary skills
– increased openness to synergies between organisations or individuals
– increased interest in ERASMUS+ opportunities
– improved intercultural awareness
– increased awareness of EU values and opportunities

All project activities resulted in a broadened professional horizon, better collaboration practices, improved language skills, improved knowledge of diversity and multicultural factors and a significant increase in specific knowledge, skills and competences.