Fit Express International – Romania

Fit Express is an organization that promote a healthier, self-sufficient, unified and educated community, believing that everybody can achieve physical and mental balance, is what the company inspires every person to experience. The company kick-started with the vision of becoming the type of location where everyone is welcome to reach their personal health goals. Using EMS and other training techniques, Fit Express has grown a lot in the past 5 years, serving thousands of customers throughout the world and setting new standards when it comes to the health experience. EMS (electric muscle stimulation) improves performance, helps bodies move more efficiently, or may be used as a certified medical tool. This concept ensures that balance and coordination are improved, there is less risk of injury and users are enabled to move smarter and safer. The Fit Express concept takes health and medical sessions to the next level, having the most talented coaches meet the best equipment. Fit Express is governed and driven by three passionate founders that share the same responsibilities, goals and visions towards the company. After spending a lot of time travelling to conduct research and gain insights, by this day, they managed to gather corporate, academic and community speakers and have organized several health conferences for those seeking to gain knowledge. Fit Express Academy, was founded as a health international coaching school and the elite certification program overseen by experts, thanks to which participants may deliver real results. The Fit Express Academy programs are limitless, fueled by the force of body transformation potential and the promise of infinite solutions. Students learn from professionals with inspiring, real-life experience, refine their own practice and acquire skills to teach in their own style. Upon certification, graduates manage to master integrity and innovation, become eligible for an EMS position anywhere in the world and get qualified to design training techniques that deliver not only results, but incredible improvements in quality of life. To fight against sedentary habits, which eventually lead to obesity or medical concerns, Fit Express decided to collaborate with hospitals, medical cliniques, training and recovery centres, as well as with personal trainers, kinetotherapists, doctors and press people, who have the power to inspire other people towards a healthy lifestyle. Simultaneously, the same company developed special programs for people suffering from handicaps or physical disabilities.